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What is document assembly?

Super-efficient document production

Most documents that you draft have many clauses in common with documents you drafted earlier. A document assembler basically lets you recycle your existing documents in an extremely efficient manner. The user of the document is asked to complete a questionnaire after which the system assembles (generates) the document, in a form and format depending on the answers just given by the user.

Tailor-made documents

The author of the questionnaire defines logic: depending on the answer of the user to question A, either question B or C (or even some other question D, E, etc.) is asked. At the same time clauses are included in the document or left out, depending on the users answers. Also, information filled out by the user once, is entered into the document in author-defined multiple locations, so that all information the user must enter is only typed once.

Grow high quality documents

As an author controlling the document and the questionnaire you can feed all your experience back into the questionnaire and the text of the document, so that future users benefit from experience gained with the document in practice. The author has full control over the questionnaire and the options that are give to the user. The author can define help-screens enabling the user to make informed decisions concerning choices etc. In short, the user is led through a question and answer session which closely resembles a bespoke setting.

XiDRAFT - The document assembly revolution

you can start right away using just your browser
building and testing your documents is free
the interface is intuitive; it takes just a couple of hours to automate a medium sized document
all the extra time you spend on your documents will make them "extra intelligent"
publish your documents with your own look-and-feel/logo and let XiDraft handle the rest