The XiDRAFT team

Concept & business development

Henk Waling, founder at XiDRAFT

Henk Waling

In 1988 Henk joined the Dutch law firm which is now NautaDutilh. Henk has been practising law for more than 16 years, first at NautaDutilh, later by starting his own law firm and after that as a partner at BarentsKrans. He is a corporate and commercial litigation specialist. After completing a postgraduate course Business Valuation at the Rotterdam School of Management Henk worked at S'Energy (solar industry) and founded two internet companies: Legal360 and XiDRAFT.

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Caroline Malmberg, founder/consultant at XiDRAFT

Caroline Malmberg

In 1988 Caroline started her career as an attorney at the Dutch law firm which is now Simmons & Simmons. In the following years Caroline acquired broad experience both as an attorney specialized in corporate and banking law and as legal counsel and patent portfolio manager with Van Leer Packaging. In 1997, together with Henk Waling and Ying Sit, Caroline started the development of the document assembly system which was to become the foundation for XiDRAFT.

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Technical team

Ying Sit, founder at XiDRAFT

Ying Sit

Ying has been active as IT specialist for more than 20 years. Currently he is the Head of IT & QA at KPN International, a Dutch telecom multinational. Ying has designed and supervised the construction of the document assembly system which was to become the foundation for XiDRAFT. He advises XiDRAFT on IT issues on a regular basis.

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Jos van der Wielen, system developer at XiDRAFT

Jos van der Wielen

Jos is a (multi-lingual) freelance IT specialist with over 20 years of experience (in Holland, the USA and Spain) designing, developing, implementing and maintaining information systems. Together with Ying he re-engineered the original document assembly system and made it web-based. He built XiDRAFT's interface and back office. Jos is specialised in IT solutions like back offices, content management systems, web applications and database facilities.

Jeroen van Oosten, system manager at XiDRAFT

Jeroen van Oosten

Jeroen is a freelance Linux software developer and system administrator and has more than 15 years of experience with Linux. He focuses on (among other things) building web applications with PHP, Ajax and MySQL (LAMP systems) and Linux system administration. At XiDRAFT he is responsible for server configuration and system management. Jeroen runs a solo business under the name Bankai Software.

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Steven Dijkxhoorn

Steven is a gifted, creative and experienced programmer who has been helping out on a wide variety of back and front-end issues.

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Steven Heijtel

Steven Heijtel

Steven Heijtel of Aubergine IT has assisted in developing XiDRAFT's functional interface. Aubergine IT is a company specialized in the implementation of webapplications and websites.

Aubergine IT
Richard Steiner

Richard Steiner

Richard made the graphic design for XiDRAFT's website. He has been active as designer since 1996. You can view his impressive portfolio on his website.


Wouter Meuleman, Powerbuilder and chief dishwasher

Wouter Meuleman

Wouter Meuleman (PhD) coded parts of the original XiDRAFT system together with Sjoerd Meijer under supervision of Ying Sit. Wouter went on to work at the Netherlands Cancer institute, Cambridge University, MIT (Boston, USA) and Delft University of Technology and is now a computational biologist working both in the Netherlands and the USA.

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Sjoerd Meijer, VP dishwasher

Sjoerd Meijer

Sjoerd Meijer (PhD) coded parts of the original XiDRAFT system together with Wouter Meuleman under supervision of Ying Sit. Sjoerd has worked at NXP Semiconductors and is now a compiler engineer at ACE Associated Compiler Experts.

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