Our philosophy and business model

Crossing the Chasm

In the early nineties Geoffrey Moore wrote Crossing the Chasm, a book that became very popular and has been widely read, quoted and discussed worldwide. According to Moore there is a gap between the (few) early adopters of a technology and the rest of the market, the mass. The challenge for entrepreneurs is to build a bridge across that gap and take their technology into the mainstream. It is XiDRAFT's mission to do exactly this: we will take our online document assembly system across Moore's gap by combining technology with a business model that is designed to work for the global mainstream legal community.

Changes in the legal services market create an opportunity

The market for legal services is changing rapidly. The commoditization of legal services - predicted by Richard Susskind - is taking root and also current economic circumstances are causing a downward pressure on the price of legal services. XiDRAFT invites lawyers to see these developments as an opportunity rather than a threat. What if you would start addressing the needs in the market for low-priced legal DIY documents yourself? Once you have the client's business, you have created an opportunity to be asked to provide truly value adding (and higher priced) services in the form of advice and coaching. And it is fairly easy to compete with online DIY legal document providers. By reason of your education as a lawyer alone you have a competitive edge. Also from a geo-targeted SEO point of view you will have an advantage. Optimized law firm websites will rank high in local searches in Google and other search engines. We are just asking this question: suppose you used your search engine to find a loan agreement, would you purchase it from Legalzoom or from the firm downtown which offers that document for the same price and can easily provide "after-sales service"?

Our business model

As we believe in creating a mutually beneficial relationship with our customers, our business model is structured to build on your success. Whether you opt to share or to sell documents, at this time the system is free to use for an unlimited number of documents until your customers start downloading documents (at a later stage we may introduce an additional charge above a certain number of documents). In the case that documents are shared, the author is charged at a maximum of USD 1.-/EUR 1,- per download. When documents are sold, XiDRAFT handles the payment and retains 30% of the purchase price as commission.

How does it work?

XiDRAFT enables lawyers to build and publish legal documents which can be assembled online and can be shared with or sold to the public. This is done by importing an existing document and creating a questionnaire for that document. When the questionnaire is ready, authors can generate a hyperlink to the questionnaire and publish that hyperlink on their website. By clicking the hyperlink the visitors of the author's website get access to the questionnaire and, upon completion, they can download their document (which is assembled with the input of the data and instructions entered during the completion of the questionnaire). (More)

Technology with an easy and intuitive interface

And, being lawyers ourselves, what we are truly excited about is that we have managed to create a full-fledged document assembly system with an intuitive interface which is easy to use even for those who are not so technology-savvy. But why don't you check it out for yourself?

Where we come from

XiDRAFT is a new kid on the block, but the core engine which XiDRAFT uses has been around for some time. The original version of the system consisted of two components: a local application for building and editing documents and questionnaires and a database-backed website for the completion of questionnaires and the assembly of documents. The original website went live in 2001 after a development which took 3 to 4 years. This website was one of the first DIY legal document providers worldwide. The rise of "Web 2.0" and other technological developments in recent years inspired us to re-invent our business model. In connection herewith the technology needed to be updated to make the system entirely web-based and to create a new back office. For this purpose the technology was acquired by Intermedia Publishers N.V. and re-developed.

Who we are

Concept & business development

Henk Waling, founder at XiDRAFT

Henk Waling

In 1988 Henk joined the Dutch law firm which is now NautaDutilh. Henk has been practising law for more than 16 years, first at NautaDutilh, later by starting his own law firm and after that as a partner at BarentsKrans. He is a corporate and commercial litigation specialist. After completing a postgraduate course Business Valuation at the Rotterdam School of Management Henk worked at S'Energy (solar industry) and founded two internet companies: Legal360 and XiDRAFT.

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Caroline Malmberg, founder/consultant at XiDRAFT

Caroline Malmberg

In 1988 Caroline started her career as an attorney at the Dutch law firm which is now Simmons & Simmons. In the following years Caroline acquired broad experience both as an attorney specialized in corporate and banking law and as legal counsel and patent portfolio manager with Van Leer Packaging. In 1997, together with Henk Waling and Ying Sit, Caroline started the development of the document assembly system which was to become the foundation for XiDRAFT.

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Technical team

Ying Sit, founder at XiDRAFT

Ying Sit

Ying has been active as IT specialist for more than 20 years. Currently he is the Head of IT & QA at KPN International, a Dutch telecom multinational. Ying has designed and supervised the construction of the document assembly system which was to become the foundation for XiDRAFT. He advises XiDRAFT on IT issues on a regular basis.

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Jos van der Wielen, system developer at XiDRAFT

Jos van der Wielen

Jos is a (multi-lingual) freelance IT specialist with over 20 years of experience (in Holland, the USA and Spain) designing, developing, implementing and maintaining information systems. Together with Ying he re-engineered the original document assembly system and made it web-based. He built XiDRAFT's interface and back office. Jos is specialised in IT solutions like back offices, content management systems, web applications and database facilities.

Jeroen van Oosten, system manager at XiDRAFT

Jeroen van Oosten

Jeroen is a freelance Linux software developer and system administrator and has more than 15 years of experience with Linux. He focuses on (among other things) building web applications with PHP, Ajax and MySQL (LAMP systems) and Linux system administration. At XiDRAFT he is responsible for server configuration and system management. Jeroen runs a solo business under the name Bankai Software.

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Steven Dijkxhoorn

Steven is a gifted, creative and experienced programmer who has been helping out on a wide variety of back and front-end issues.

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Steven Heijtel

Steven Heijtel

Steven Heijtel of Aubergine IT has assisted in developing XiDRAFT's functional interface. Aubergine IT is a company specialized in the implementation of webapplications and websites.

Aubergine IT
Richard Steiner

Richard Steiner

Richard made the graphic design for XiDRAFT's website. He has been active as designer since 1996. You can view his impressive portfolio on his website.



Wouter Meuleman, Powerbuilder and chief dishwasher

Wouter Meuleman

Wouter Meuleman (PhD) coded parts of the original XiDRAFT system together with Sjoerd Meijer under supervision of Ying Sit. Wouter went on to work at the Netherlands Cancer institute, Cambridge University, MIT (Boston, USA) and Delft University of Technology and is now a computational biologist working both in the Netherlands and the USA.

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Sjoerd Meijer, VP dishwasher

Sjoerd Meijer

Sjoerd Meijer (PhD) coded parts of the original XiDRAFT system together with Wouter Meuleman under supervision of Ying Sit. Sjoerd has worked at NXP Semiconductors and is now a compiler engineer at ACE Associated Compiler Experts.

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Intermedia Publishers N.V.

XiDRAFT is a business of Intermedia Publishers N.V. located at Schottegatweg 0ost 18, Willemstad, Curacao.
XiDRAFT is an international trademark of Intermedia Publishers N.V.