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What are people saying about document assembly?

You’ve got to do document assembly. The technology is out there and other people will implement it.”

– Jim Calloway (The Future of Law: Dark Clouds or Silver Linings?)

Modern firms, however, see the equation in reverse: why would you incur unnecessary costs that cut into your profit margin? So they invest in technology that automates repetitive tasks, reduces waste and systematizes procedures. ”

– Jonathan Furlong (More small-firm startups have abandoned the traditional law firm business model. Here is a snapshot of what some of them are doing differently.)

We don’t want our lawyers to be wasting their time doing things that could be done for them, either by technology or by other human beings where it’s needed. We want them to do what they’re good at and earn their fees.”

– Derek Brookes (as quoted by Pete Swabey in Swift Justice)

Two pieces of information converged today to convince me that lawyers, particularly solo and small firm lawyers, must learn to use document automation software if they are to survive (...)”

– Laura Calloway (Get Onboard with Document Automation, But Proceed with Care)

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